Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK

A.    Choose A,B,C,D, or E for the correct answer!

The following text is for questions 1 to 3

Ceramics are classified as inorganic and nonmetallic materials that are essential to our daily lifestyle. Ceramic and materials engineers are the people who design the processes in which these products can be made,create new types of ceramic products, and find different uses for ceramic products in everyday life.

Ceeramics are all around us. This category of materials includes thing like tile, bricks, plates, glass, and toilets. Ceramics can be found in products like watches (quartz tuning works-the time keeping devices in watches), snow skies (piezoelectric-ceramics that stress when a voltage is applied to them), automobiles (sparkplugs and ceramic engine parts found in race-cars), and phone lines. Thay can also be found on space shuttles, appliances 9enamel coatings),, and airplanes (nose cones). Depending on their method of formation, ceramics can be densee or lightweight. Typically, they will demonstrate excellent strength and hardness properties; however, they are often brittle in nature. Ceramics can also be formed to serve as electrically conductive materials,objects allowing electricity to pass through their mass, or insulators, materials preventing the flow of electricity. Some ceramics, like superconductors,also display magnetic properties.

Ceramics are generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms. Once the ceramic has been shaped, it is fired in a high temperatur oven known as kiln. Often, ceramics are covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes.

1.      What does the text tell about?
a.      Nonmetalic materials
b.      Ceramics in general
c.       Some categories of materials
d.      How to make ceramics
e.      Types of ceramics
2.      What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
a.      Products which contain ceramics
b.      How ceramics are made
c.       The characteristics of ceramics
d.      The functions of ceramics
e.      Where ceramics can be found
3.      “some ceramics, like superconductors, also display magnetic properties.”
The underlined word has similar in meaning to...
a.      Exhibit                               d. Spread
b.      Build                                  e. Produce
c.       Reveal
4.      Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!
1.)    Wet clay was fashioned into shape, sometimes with the help of a wooden mold, and then left to dry in the sun or fired in a small brick kiln
2.)    This process requires much less labor and time, which is part of the reason that ceramic tile is not just for egyptian kings anymore
3.)    Ceramic tiles were once made by hand
4.)    While a few artisans still craft ceraic tiles by hand, the majority of ceramic tile made today go through a process known as dry pressing or dust pressing
a.      4-1-3-2                                    d. 3-4-1-2
b.      4-3-2-1                                    e. 3-1-4-2
c.       3-2-4-1

For questions 5 to 7, complate the following cloze text!

Sculpture is three-dimensional art. 5) _______, there are two main methods: carving material such as wood or stone, and modeling forms by adding pieces of material such as clay. Modern artist 6)_______ new materials andd technigues. Techniques depend upon the materials used. When carving stone or wood, the sculptor chips away with a hammer and chisel. When sculpiting clay, artists may use their hands. Clay models may be cast in bronze 7)_______ a strong, permanent sculpture. Other techniques include welding metal, molding plastic or concrete, and using fiberglass.

5.      a. Traditionally                        d. Specifically
b. Usually                                e. Finally
c. Commonly

6.      a. Explore                                d. have explored
b. explored                              e. had been explored
c. was exploring

7.      a. To form                               d. to build
b. to create                             e. to produce
c. to make
8.       the orang rimba are a . . . hunter-gatherer tribe who have been dependent on and managed their forest home in sumatra for generations.
a.      Indigenous                         d. Unique
b.      Isolated                             e.  Rare
c.       Nomadic
9.      Located in west papua the baliem festival holds a variety of performances, such as traditional papuan dance and . . . performances performed by tribes, such as Yali, Lani, and Dani.
a.      Traditional music                          d. Music traditional
b.      Traditional musical                       e. Musical traditional
c.       Music traditional
10.   members of the nomadic anak dalam tribe in jambi have been among the first to struggle with the health impacts of . . . and water pollution in the province.
a.      Environmental damage
b.      Social norm
c.       Natural environment
d.      Forest condition
e.      World economy
11.  Woman  : did you watch a news program yesterday?
Man         : no, i didn’t. Why?
Woman    : there was shocking news. Someone was attacked by a tiger at the zoo
Man         : oh, no. Was he alright?
Woman    : i don’t know. I think he was injured badly
What does the man mean?
a.      He watched the incident at the zoo
b.      He knew the man attacked by the tiger
c.       He thought the victim was in bad condition
d.      He wanted to go to the zoo with the woman
e.      He did not watch the news
12.  Man        : did you watch the accident this morning?
Woman  : yes, i did. I helped the woman who rode the bicycle
Man        : do you know that happened?
Woman  : yes. The woman riding a bicycle was hit by a motorcycle. The rider of the motorcycle was drunk.
Was is the fact ?
a.      The man knew the accident
b.      The man was the rider’s friend
c.       The woman was hit by a drunken rider
d.      The woman knows the chronology of the accident
e.      The woman helped the man to go to the hospital because of the accident
13.  Man        : there was an accident on the road in front of my house last night
Woman  : yeah, i heard it from news program this morning. What do you think about it?
Man        : . . . . . . . . . .
What is the suitable response to say next?
a.      I think the cause is the potholes along the street
b.      I don’t know much about the news program
c.       I didn’t watch the television this morning
d.      Many people wathched the accident
e.      The accident caused the road chaos
14.  Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!
1)      Ms. Davis only discovered what had happened  to the animal when she reaached hme and inspected her car
2)      A koala in australia has been dubbed “Bear Grylls” after it was hit by a fast moving car and survived when it got wedged in the car’s front grill
3)      The koala only had minor abrasions and will be released into the wild soon
4)      Loren davis was driving at 100 km/h (62 mph) on an expressway in adelaide on Tuesday when she hit the koala as it was crossing the road.
a.      2-3-1-4                                                d. 2-1-4-3
b.      2-3-4-1                                                e. 2-4-1-3
c.       2-1-3-4
For question 15 to 17, complate the following text with the words provided!
Thousands of people are hurt or killed each year on U.S roads and highways due to poor road 15) _______ and conditions. Althought state and federal laws require cities, towns, villages, and counties to design,build, and maintain safe roads and highways, it’s virtually impossible to ensure every road and highway is 16)_______ safe. The federal highway administration is the agency within the U.S. department of transportation responsible for assisting state and local governments with guidelines for the safe design and construction of roadways. They 17) _______ car accident and make regular inspections of accident scenes where road design, maintenance, or defects are contributing factors
15.  a. Existence                             d. Stability
b. quality                                 e. Circumstance
c. reconstruction

16.  a. Really                                  d. Usually
b. hopefully                             e. Completely
c. perfectly

17.  a. Watch                                  d. Monitor
b. see                                       e. Force
c. regulate

The Following text is for questions 18 and 19
               PARK SLOPE – A woman had her purse stolen while she was
shitting on her front stoop and chatting on the phone, according to a police report.
               The 37-years-old victim was sitting in front of her apartment building on garfield place between fifth and sixth avenues on october 27 about 3:55 p.m. she put her black coach purse on the ground between her feet while she spoke on the phone.
               A female thief with a ponytail grabbed the bag, jumped into a black four-door sedan and fled. The stolen goods included dance clothes, a make-up bag, a $250 wallet, $100 in cash, and the $350 coach purse
18.  what did the woman do when someone stole her bag?
a.      She was talking to her friend
b.      She was chatting on the phone
c.       She was daydreaming on the stoop
d.      She was alone in her apartment
e.      She was buying something
19.  From the news, we know that?
a.       The thief was a woman
b.       The thief rode a motorcycle
c.        The thief ran into the taxi
d.       The thief had been caught
e.       The thief stole the woman’s cellular phone

The following text is for question 20 to 22

            Daily telegraph’s clementine quero reports a 17 years old was helping her 72 years old grandma count her savings when she decided to snap a photo of some wads of cash and post it to facebook.
            It wasn’t long after that two men armed with a wooden club and knives broke into the teen’s mother’s house, demanding to know about the money. The guys made off with some personal items, but thankfully no one was hurt, including the mother, who’d told the crooks her daughter no longer lived there.
            While it’s clearly brainless to publicize what’s in your wallet, that’s not the only way robbers are using social media to snoop on your goods.
20.   What is the news about?
a.      A robbery caused by a facebook’s posting
b.       A teenager robbed because of social media
c.        A teenager imitated the robber
d.       A robber injured his victims and posted it to the social media
e.       A 17 years old boy helped a robber
21.  What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
a.      The teen helped the robber to enter her mother’s house
b.       two armed robber broke into the teen’s mother’s house, but no one was hurt
c.       No one helped the teen’s mother to fight the robber
d.      The daughter left the house because of the robbery
e.      The teen wanted to get money fro her mother
22.  “. . . . that’s not the only way robbers are using social media to snoop on youe goods.” The underlined word has similar meaning to. . . . .
a.      Spy                               d. Take
b.      See                              e. Enter
c.       Peek
23.  “online shopping festivals have become a popular trand in india,” a media planner said. The indirect sentences is. . . . .
a.      A media planneer says that online shopping festivals becomes a popular trend in india
b.      A media planner said that online shopping festivals became a popular trend india
c.       A media planner asked that whether online shopping festivals become a popular trend in india
d.      A media planner said that online shopping festivals would become a popular trend in india
e.        A media planner said that online shopping festivals had become a popular trend in india
24.  Rearrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!
1)      A concerned citizen saw the victim struggling with glass and approached the victim’s car
2)      A woman was kidnapped by a man she met on social media
3)      The victim struggled with glass and yelled for help while attempting to leave her car
4)      Deputies gave chase, caught, and arrasted glass a few blocks away
5)      Glass saw the witness ang got out of the car and started walking away
6)      The victim described what had just happened to the moorpark police department volunteers in policing unit’s who in turn requested patrol deputies to respond
The best arrangement is. . . . .
a.      2-3-4-6-1-5                              d. 2-3-1-5-6-4
b.      2-4-3-6-1-5                              e. 2-3-5-1-6-4
c.       2-6-1-4-5-3

The following text is for question 25 to 27

-          2 tablespoons corn starch
-          3 cups chicken stock
-          ½ can cream-style corn
-          ½ can corn kernels
-          ½ teaspoon salt
-          Pinch of sugar
-          1 egg, beaten
1.      Dissolve the corn strach in 4 tablespoons of water in a small bowl. Leave to a side
2.      Put the chicken stock into a saucepan and bring it to a boil on medium heat
3.      Add both kinds of corn into the stock and stir thoroughly
4.      Addd the salt and sugar. Bring it back to a boil
5.      Stir the dissolved starch into the soup. Add a little at a time to the soup, stirring until it thickens
6.      Add the beaten egg a little at a time while the soup is boiling. Stir in large circular motions
7.      Once the egg has spread throughout the soup and has started to set, turn off the heat. It should take about 15-20 seconds. Then serve it.
25.  What is the goal of the text?
a.      How to make corn soup
b.      How to make porridge
c.       How to make snacks
d.      How to boil corns
e.      How tom make chicken broth
26.  From the text, we know that. . . . .
a.      The recipe is to make a corn starch
b.      We need more than one egg to make the dish
c.       When boiling the chicken stock, use medium heat
d.      We should not stir the soup in large circular motions
e.      The recipe id for two prsonns only
27.  “stir in large circular motions.” The underlined words means. . . . . .
a.      Oval                             d. Evenly
b.      Fast                              e. Round
c.       Slow

The following text is for question 28 to 30
Carpet shampoo is another popular way to clean your carpets. There are many different brands of carpet shampoo, so make sure that you follow the guidance on the label.
1)      Make up the solution as directed on the packaging. In many cases, the product will need to be diluted with water
2)      Use just enough carpet shampoo to cover the area
3)      Do not make the carpet too wet-not only is this a waste of detergent, but it’s also going to increase drying time
4)      Scrub on the particularly stubborn areas using a hard-bristled brush
5)      Let the carpet dry
6)      Vacuum the shampoo once it has dried
28.  What is the purpose of the text above?
a.      To tell how to clean the carpet floor
b.      To describe how to use a carpet shampoo
c.       To explain how to make a carpet shampoo
d.      To tell how difficult to clean the carpet
e.      To inform about carpet floor
29.  What happens if we make our carpet too wet?
a.      It saves more detergent
b.      It helps us to clean it soon
c.       It can be damaged soon
d.      It takes too long to dry the carpet
e.      It needs much carpet shampoo
30.  “vacuum the shampoo once it has dried.”
What does the word “it” refer to?
a.      The shampoo                          d. The brush
b.      The vacuum cleaner               e. The water
c.       The carpet
31.  Most songs are created to. . . . .
a.      Entertain listeners
b.      Criticize conditions
c.       Retell story
d.      Share experience
e.      Help people
32.  Part of a song which contains only music and no words is called. . . .
a.      Chorus                         d. Intro
b.      Bridge                         e. Verse
c.       Outro
33.  Which of the following statements is trus about songs?
a.      A song is a short piece of music that is written
b.      Stanza is part that appears once
c.       The end of song is called bridge
d.      Usually the song title can be found in the chorus
e.      A song is similar to poetry
34.  Arrange the following sentences into a good procedure!
How to breed aquarium fish
1)      Intodruce the breeding fish into the same tank and look for natural spawning
2)      First, create the right tank environment
3)      Choose a breeding pair of fish that appear healthy and disease free
4)      Maintain the water quality and make the temperature warmer
5)      Separate the breeders from the eggs
6)      Feed the breeding pair correctly to keep them active and healthy
a.      2-3-5-1-6-4                  d. 2-5-1-4-6-3
b.      2-4-3-6-1-5                  e. 2-6-1-4-5-3
c.       2-1-6-3-4-5
35.  Man        : have you heard a rumor in our school?
Woman  : not yet. What is it?
Man        : Mr. Lukman will move to another school
Woman  : what? Are you serious? He has just been here for two years
What does the woman feel?
a.      Happy                                d. Sad
b.      Satisfied                            e. Worried
c.       Surprised
36.  Man        : i think english is very difficult for me
Woman  : why do you think so?
Man        : i have tried to understand, but i failed
Woman  : you’re supposed to join an english course
What does the woman suggest the man?
a.      To study hard
b.      To join study group
c.       To buy some dictionaries
d.      To register an english course
e.      To ask for help
37.  Man         : what do you think about my song?
Woman    : it’s nice. I think this song is the writer’s feeling
Man         : you’re wrong
Woman    : why?
Man         : because in fact, i wrote the lyrics of this song, and it is about my friend’s experience
What are they talking about?
a.      The man’s favorite song
b.      The man’s friend
c.       The man’ experience
d.      The man’s song
e.      The man’s feeling
38.  Man         : excuse me. Can i help you, madam?
Woman    : yes, please. Can you show me where the fitting room is?
Man         : sure. It’s beside the cashier, madam. It’s over there behind the girl wearing red dress
Woman    : thankyou
What can we learn from the text?
a.      Both are the shoppers of fashion store
b.      The man shows the woman the location of cashier
c.       The woman is asking for help abot booking a room
d.      The man could not help the woman
e.      The man is a shop assistant of the store
39.  Man           :you look worried. What’s wrong?
Woman     : i can’t contact mitha today. I heard that she got accident this morning
Man           : i called her mother. She said that mitha’s hand was injured, but she is okay
Woman     : . . . . .
What is the most appropriate response to say next?
a.      Really? What a strange!
b.      No, thanks. I can call her later
c.       It’s nice to see you here
d.      I think she is not good
e.      I hope she gets better soon
40.  Man            : you look different today
Woman       : really? What do you think of my hair?
Man            : . . . . .
What is the suitable response to say next?
a.      Your new haircut makes you look fresh
b.      I think i can do it now
c.       I’m glad to see you here
d.      I don’t think it is a good idea
e.      You look so confused today. What’s wrong?
41.  Man      : may i know why there were many people in your house last night?
Woman : yes. They wanted to dee me and brought me some presents
Man      : why?
Woman : i won a speech contest yesterday
Man      : . . . . .
What is the suitable response to say next?
a.      Wow, congratulations on your winning!
b.      That’s good for you
c.       You must tell me before
d.      That’s a good idea to go to your house
e.      I can manage myself at home

The following text is for question 42 and 43

A lion told jupiter with his frequens complaints that he ws gigantic in strength, handsome in shape, and powerful in attack. He had jaws and feet furnished with claws, but he was afraid of the crowing of crow. Jupiter replied why the lion blamed her without a cause. She told the lion that she had given all  the prossesses she hd, except that one. One day, the lion met an elephant. The lion asked why the elephant shook his ears very often. The elephant replied, “do you see that little insect?if it enters my ear, i will die.” The lion thought that the huge beast was afraid of a tiny insect. After that meeting, the lion promised himself to not complaint.

42.  What is the purpose of the text?
a.      To describe general information about facts
b.      To amuse the readers with a fable
c.       To explain the readers how to make a complaint
d.      To describe how the lion is afraid of crow
e.      To tell past experience
43.  What was the lion scared of?
a.      The elephant                           d. A gnat
b.      The birds                                 e. The crowing of crow
c.       A small insect
The following text  is for question 44 and 45
English Conversation Club
Is opening registration for new members.
Meeting is held every Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.00
At the language laboratory.
For registration, please contact: nadya
(XI D) and hanung (XI F)
44.  When will the regular meeting be held?
a.      At 14.00 everyday                               d. At the labolatory
b.      On Wednesdays                                  e. For two hours
c.       After school
45.  It can be inferred from the text that. . . . .
a.      The students must join the club
b.      The club is held outside the school
c.       The students who lack in english can not join the club
d.      The meeting of the club is held for two hours
e.      The students may contact their teacher to join the club
            The following text is for question 46 to 48
Kubu Tribe Trained to Farm Bees
            JAMBI-In order to foster self-sufficiency, Kubu tribe members living around Bukit Duabelas National Park in Sorolangun Regency in jambi province will be trained to farm honey bes.
            Head of the regency’s forestry and plantation agency, joko susilo said, his office would train the tribe to farm the bees around their residence.
            “the kubu tribe relies on forest products like rattan and honey. We’ll provide assistance to help them farm forest products instead of foraging for them.”
            The training, he said, would be conducted in stages, with tribe members who had already been trained serving as trainers. –JP

46.  Where are kubu tribe live?
a.      Bukittinggi
b.      Around Bukit Duabelas National Park
c.       At way kambas national park
d.      Near Mount Bromo
e.      In the eastern Batak lands
47.  What does the kubu tribe’s life depend on?
a.      The bees farm
b.      The national park
c.       Forest products
d.      Their residence
e.      The government’s assistance
48.  “in order to foster self-sufficiency, . . . . “
The synonym of the underlined word is. . . . .
a.      Find                             d. Satisfy
b.      Force                           e. Boost
c.       Maintain
The following text is for question 49 and 50
. . . .
Singing forever young
Singing songs underneath that sun
Let’s rejoice in the beautiful game
And together at the end of the day we all say
When i get older i will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag
And then it goes back (4x)

49.  “let’s rejoice in the beautiful game”
The underlined words means. . . . .
a.      Be together                             d. Feel joy
b.      Compete                                 e. Struggle hard
c.       Be the one
50.  “they’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’flag”
What does the word “they” refer to?
a.      The young
b.      The songs
c.       The games
d.      The competitors and the writer

e.      Other people

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